Example of a Clever Marketing Automation Campaign

Ok, this is very small & most people will not even notice it, but it works really well. Try it for yourself if you think it’s applicable in your business. I experienced this marketing automation campaign triggered on me, using my secondary data points. So, I recently installed a fitness/diet app and as usual, they […]

The Power of Speed of Implementation

I do not recall exactly when & where I first heard about this concept, but I could relate to it 100% and thus I remember it very clearly. The concept is about Speed of Implementation – applicable not only in business but in almost every area of one’s life. No, I am not talking about […]

A Case Against Marketing Automation & Other Tech Stacks

This might sound very counterintuitive that a dedicated marketing automation agency & multi-certified consultant with so much experience & love for this subject is speaking against it to start with! But trust me, this is probably the most important piece of information on this website that you are going to ready. Here is the thing… […]